Oil Away's New Waterless Concrete Cleaner and Restorer's patent pending formula is unlike any other product on the market. Oil Away is the only waterless concrete cleaner and restorer in one! This revolutionary proprietary formula makes your concrete surface look band new without the use of harsh chemicals or power washing.
How does it work? An exothermic reaction occurs turning the oil molecules into carbon dioxide that is harmless to the environment. This means that no water is used and nothing goes down the drain. Oil Away not only removes all of the existing oil stains but it provides a thin barrier that fills the concrete pores and hairline cracks in the concrete surface.The restorative properties of this formula fights future Oil, Grease, and Grime maintaining a cleaner facility longer.The new Oil away Waterless Concrete Cleaner and Restorer is the only formula that combines bio-active ingredients to breakdown petroleum molecules and bond with the concrete to clean and create a preventative stain barrier.
Oil Away is an environmentally reponsible company that only manufactures products that contains bio frendly ingredients and require no water to use. Non Toxic, Non Hazardous and water saving products that respect our environment.
New Revolutionary Formula Waterless Concrete Cleaner & Restorer 

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New Revolutionary Formula
Oil Away Waterless Concrete Cleaner And Restorer
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The Environmentally Friendly Solution For Your Oil Stained Concrete is here…